There are plenty of hand sanitizers in the market these days. But owing to the fact that almost none of those are handy enough to be carried around, not many of us carry or use the hands sanitizer when it is actually required. In today's world, clean hands on the go is one of the dire needs that affects health and wellbeing and this is one of the reasons for Puro to come into existence.


Puro Herbal Hand Sanitizer

Puro Lemon effectively kills all the germs in your hands in a matter of seconds leaving behind the mild and rejuvenating freshness. Read More

Sanifast Herbal Hand Sanitizer

Puro Vanilla which effectively kills all the germs in matter of seconds and leaves you with a hint of vanilla fragrance at the end. Read More

Paper Straws

Puro Basil which has been manufactured using the essence of fresh Basil. Read More

Paper Straws

Puro Sandalwood which has been manufactured using the essence of fresh Sandalwood. Read More


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Features & Functions

Mild fresh fragrance
Contains Vitamin E and Tea Tree Oil
Moisturizes the skin leaving it clean and smooth.

Convenient and handy to use.
One time use 1 ml sachet
Special laminate used for handling spirit.

No water, soap or towel required.
Effective against bacteria, viruses, fungi
Kills 99.99% germs from hands in a few seconds

Softens rough and dry hands
Helps in fading of the scars
Proven to help in treating skin hyper pigmentation.

Softens dry cuticles and eliminates Nail Fungus
Relief from itching.
Has antimicrobial properties.


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Puro hand gel comes with an innovative packaging in small sachets which has been specially developed for one time use. This comes in handy as the sachet can be conveniently carried in the pocket anywhere. Our one of its kind sachet is designed and packed using a special laminate which makes it durable and burst free, eliminating the possibility of leakage. This innovation in the shape and packaging also extends to its usage as well. The Tear Notches on both sides make it really easy to open the sachet and the narrow outlet enables it to be Spill Free. This unique packaging of Puro hand gel has been manufactured using state of the art packaging machine which sets a very high standard for itself.

How To Use

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