SaniFast Herbal Hand Sanitizer

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    Germs free hands

    Keep your hands germ free without using water with SaniFast. Its fast sanitization for your hands, whether you are out camping with your friends or just visiting a restaurant for dinner, these hand sanitizing sachets come handy whenever you need them.

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    Compatible for all skin types

    No harmful chemicals or irritants are added to our products which make them safe for any external use. With added moisturization the gel is soft on your skin and delightful to use

  • No water no soap

    Not to be used with any water or soap. Sanitizers do not require any water or soap added to them. They kill 99.9% of germs on your hands all by themselves.

  • Works in 15 seconds

    Evaporates quickly leving your hands fresh. Sanifast is perfect for on the go use at take aways, offices etc.

Exciting Fragrances

sanifast is available in three flavor variants


Specially manufactured using lemon flavour as one of the essential ingredients, Puro Lemon effectively kills all the germs in your hands in a matter of seconds leaving behind the mild and rejuvenating freshness. Puro Lemon is gentle to the skin and keeps it fresh and cleansed for longer hours.



Basil is known for its medicinal and cooling properties and the same can be found in Puro Basil which has been manufactured using the essence of fresh Basil. Puro Basil cleans your hands making it 99.99% germ free while adding a cool and fresh feel to it.


Vanilla, one of the most popular flavours known for its delightful fragrance and the same essence can be found in Puro Vanilla which effectively kills all the germs in matter of seconds. Puro Vanilla helps you to get rid of 99.99% germs from your hands and keep it sanitised for longer hours.


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